Technomed is an IS0 90001 accredited company that specialises in the supply of cardiology products and cardiac data analysis services to both NHS and private sector run hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our products are used in one in four of every pacing and ICD implant that occurs in the UK. Our services (12-lead ECG interpretation, Holter-analysis & device follow-up) are used across both primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare.

Technomed Labs is focused on the supply of everyday cardiology products, essential to the smooth running of cardiac cath labs and outpatient departments. We carry over 100 product lines in stock for next day delivery and ship from our UK based warehouse. These products include temporary pacing electrodes, heart wires, PSA cables, introducer sheaths, defibrillation pads, electrosurgical pens, ECG electrodes, and other everyday cardiology essentials.

The Technomed Monitoring Centre enables GPs, CCGs, and hospitals to streamline the burden of ECG analysis, interpretation and report delivery which means their staff can spend more time in front of their patients.

Technomed Telemedicine

Technomed Telemedicine is a leading supplier of ECG analysis and interpretation software to hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the world. Our software plays a key role in diagnosing tens of thousands of patients each year, and is licensed by manufacturers such as the American event recorder company Alivecor.


  1. To enable and empower GPs and patients by bringing cardiology expertise closer to point of care.
  2. To make this process as easy and convenient as possible for the doctor and patient alike.
  3. To strive continuously to reduce ECG analysis time and improve accuracy.
  4. To enable people to take control of their own health, by providing personal monitoring devices along with expert clinical support.

What We Offer

Technomed develops award winning remote diagnostic and patient monitoring systems for our own telemedicine / telehealth service and other third party healthcare providers. We are the sole authorised distributor for iHealth™ Professional range and sole interpretation partner for AliveCor. View ECG Cloud.

  Cardiology Expertise

We only use fully qualified senior cardiac physiologists to interpret ECGs and perform Holter analysis. All clinical staff are subject to blind quality control. Audit meetings are held once per month.


Technomed is an uses high grade encryption to secure your information and anonymises patient data to protect organisations and patient confidentiality. Our data processing facilities and clinical staff are UK based.

  Fully Accredited

Technomed is a NHS Business Partner/ITC/ALB (8HR58), and conforms to ISO, NHS Information Governance, and Data Protection standards which allows us to utilise the NHS N3 network for our clients andcan process their NHS patient data.

  In-house Developers

We employ our own programmers to ensure our services are constantly updated and continuously improved.  Our software is  wholly created in the UK and we are a proud exporter of UK medical expertise.

  Top-notch support

Our UK based experienced staff are ready to answer your questions and provide technical support when necessary at the end of a phone.

  Online Shop

Our online shop allows orders to be placed any time of day, and we guarantee delivery within one business day of your checkout.

Company History


Technomed Limited is established by Mark Hashemi as a distribution company specialising in the supply of interventional cardiology medical devices to both NHS and independent sector hospitals.


Technomed develops in-house its first hosted telemedicine application that allows 24hr ambulatory ECG analysis to be carried out remotely by a cardiac physiologist from any modern PC with internet access.


Technomed’s ECG Cloud Rapid Cardiac Rhythm Test successfully piloted in Bradford. 6150 patients were screened for a range of cardiac arrhythmias The average patient appointment time was under 3 minutes.

Technomed launches their ECG Cloud suite of hosted cardio-telemedicine applications (resting ECG, 24hr ambulatory ECG & 24hr ambulatory BP testing). It soon became apparent that the ECG Cloud remote reporting platform was capable of supporting remote diagnostics outside the field of cardiology.


Technomed starts it’s resting 12-lead ECG interpretation and ambulatory ECG analysis service.


Technomed with Concordia Health awarded “Innovators of the Year Award” for their Community Outpatients ECG Cloud 12-lead resting ECG interpretation service at the ‘Nursing in Practice General Practice Awards’.


Techmomed enters into a strategic alliance with the Department of Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering, King College, Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital, London in order to develop a range of telemedicine / telehealth applications.


Technomed & Kings College are jointly awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership grant funded by the Department of Health & the Technology Strategy Board to employ a full time research associate.


With the ongoing expansion of the telemedicine business, Technomed Telemedicine Limited is formed specifically to house all telemedicine / telehealth products and services. All telemedicine business is transferred from Technomed to Technomed Telemedicine to allow each company to focus on their individual sectors.


Technomed signs agreement with Alivecor to be sole ECG interpretation provider for Europe and Africa.