Get on with your life without the anxiety that comes from worrying about your heart rhythm.

  • Take an ECG at home or on-the-go
  • Know when your ECG is normal
  • Instantly detect atrial fibrillation (AF), a leading cause of stroke.
  • Send your ECG to your doctor or our Monitoring Centre for immediate advice.

AliveCor Mobile ECG is the most advanced medical grade cardiac event recorder available today that runs on the patients own Android or iOS device (iPhone, iPod and iPad). It is capable of recording excellent quality ECGs when 2 fingers from each hand are placed on the device or or when the device is placed on the chest.


  • Patients who suffer from papitations or dizziness of unknown cause.
  • Patients who have suffered a stroke or TIA of unknown cause.
  • Patients who have a diagnosed cardiac arrythmia and who wish to take a proactive approach to its management.


  • The device will record, display and store the patients ECG.
  • The device will advise the patient if they are in a normal heart rhythm or atrial fibrillation (AF).
  • The device can be programmed to send the recorded ECG to the patients doctor.
  • The patient has the option to send their ECG to the Technomed's ECG On-Demand® Service for immediate advice (fee applies).


“My patients significantly benefit from knowing if their ECG is normal and when they are having an AF episode. Plus, the AliveCor Heart Monitor allows us to determine medications, habits and activities may be impacting their heart. With a more complete view of what is happening with my patients between appointments, we can make better decisions.”

 Dr. Richard Bogle, FACC, Consultant Cardiologist, St. Helier Hospital

Information For Physicians

AliveCor ECG Recording

Record Accurate ECGs

  • Clinical studies have demonstrated that AliveCor Mobile ECG recordings are comparable to readings from Lead 1 of standard ECG machines , at a fraction of the cost.
  • Recent studies have demonstrated the AliveCor Heart Monitor to be a viable alternative to a traditional transtelephonic monitor (TTM) for monitoring patients with atrial fibrillation after an ablation procedure; 92% of patients surveyed preferred the AliveCor Mobile ECG to a TTM.

Detect AF

  • The AliveCor Mobile ECG has been used to detect atrial fibrillation in the screening of patients over 65 at primary care clinics and pharmacies . Now, the AliveECG App includes a highly accurate and FDA-cleared Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Detector. The device has shown to have a sensitivity above 85% and a specificity above 90%

AliveCor Dashboard

Informed clinical decisions

  • The AliveECG app and the AliveCor Mobile ECG can be used to capture ECGs anytime, anywhere in a more flexible way than traditional heart monitors, which may have a maximum recording window of 30 days, uncomfortable leads and no immediate display. The AliveECG app helps inform clinical decision-making by encouraging through immediate detection of Normal ECGs and those with AF, and through patient engagement by tracking medications, symptoms, and lifestyle activities.

Simple for your patients

  • The AliveECG app was designed specifically for consumers to give them an easy way to self-manage and track their symptoms. Patients can use the AliveCor Mobile ECG and AliveECG app to get real-time information about their ECG from AliveCor's FDA-cleared Detectors; they can also easily share their ECGs and insights with their physicians. Published clinical studies have also demonstrated the utility of the device in post-procedure monitoring . Patients often remark on the ease of use, low cost, portability , and -- most importantly -- the peace of mind they enjoy with the AliveCor Mobile ECG.

AliveCor Dashboard

Track and triage ECGs.

  • If your patients are using the AliveCor Mobile ECG, the provider dashboard is a free web-based application to help review your patients’ ECG recordings.
  • Once a patient is added, ECGs and ECG Analysis reports are automatically updated, and available for review. 
  • For high volume users Technomed has developed the ECG Cloud AliveCor reporting portal.
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