Expand services using current resources

or deliver cardiology services without local expertise.

Technomed Telemedicine aims to support the NHS in shifting outpatient activity from secondary care to the community. We develop ECG analysis software and provide interpretation services to healthcare providers throughout the world. Our applications diagnose tens of thousands of patients each year, and is licensed by major manufactures such as AliveCor. Our core business is facilitating the implementation of community based cardiology services such as:

  • Ambulatory ECG / Holter monitoring
  • Stroke reduction through AF screening & detection
  • 12 Lead ECG interpretation
  • AliveCor ECG event reporting
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

The benefits of implementing these services include:

  • Clinical benefit: increases the speed to diagnosis; comprehensive same day reporting with a management plan
  • Patient benefit: reduces unnecessary anxiety associated with referral to secondary care
  • Cost effective: less expensive than in secondary care.

Please contact us to prepare a detailed business case customised to your demographics.