Arrhythmia Screening

Used for arrhythmia screening in primary care to reduce risk of stroke i.e. atrial fibrillation.

Event Recording

Used to capture cardiac rhythms at time of infrequent symptoms such as palpitations and syncope.

Ongoing Monitoring

Used for management of known cardiac conditions such as titration of anti-arrhythmic drugs.

AliveCor’s Heart Monitor is an easy to use event recorder of the highest diagnostic quality.

The ECG quality of AliveCor’s device is comparable to GE’s flagship full ECG machine, the Mac5500, in single-lead mode.

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The AliveCor heart monitor allows a doctor to monitor their patients with suspected or diagnosed heart conditions. High quality patient ECGs are transmitted to a secure server for their doctor to review. Users have the option to request immediate ECG interpretation from our AliveInsights service.

AliveCor’s proprietary ECG filter delivers a very clear recording and its accuracy has been compared to GE’s flagship Mac5500 in single-lead mode. 

The AliveCor Heart Monitor is a CE marked, portable, single-channel ECG recorder that snaps on to the back of most smartphones and tablets.

To record an ECG, your patient simply rests their fingertips on the built-in electrodes of the AliceCor heart Monitor and a thirty second ECG is recorded and displayed. You can review each ECG online and save PDF reports to the patient electronic record.

Patient Care

AliveCor has made it easy for you to manage all your AliveCor patients in a simple to use free online dashboard. is a fully secure web interface for all of your patient’s ECGs. Protected health information (ECGs) and personally identifiable information are encrypted (view privacy policy). Each time your patient records an ECG it is automatically sent to this online dashboard for review at your convenience.

Fast, Low-Cost, Second Opinion

AliveInsights™ Expert Review

To reduce expensive and unnecessary clinic visits, you and your patients have access to AliveInsights(TM). At a single touch of a button an ECG is sent to a qualified cardiac physiologist for interpretation and a report returned within 24-hours. Our charge is £5 per ECG reviewed.

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AliveCor Mobile ECG

Get on with your life without the anxiety that comes from worrying about your heart rhythm.

  • Take an ECG at home or on-the-go
  • Know when your ECG is normal
  • Instantly detect atrial fibrillation (AF), a leading cause of stroke.
  • Send your ECG to your doctor or our Monitoring Centre for immediate advice.

List price £74.17 ex. vat