No quotation or estimate given by us (Technomed) gives rise to a binding contract unless an order is placed by you (the Customer) and accepted by us. Quotations or estimates are valid for 30 days.

The price of the goods is Technomed’s quoted price or if not quoted, that shown on our current price list, which is exclusive of VAT. Packing and delivery charges are as stated in the price list. A two hour delivery service is available and will be charged at cost. Please telephone for details.

Delivery shall be made and agreed between us. We do not accept responsibility for delay in delivery, but we endeavour to comply with any agreed delivery date.

The goods will remain our property until all monies owing to us have been paid in full.

In the case of shippments inside the United Kingdom, all risk associated with goods is transferred to the purchaser upon delivery.

In the case of shipments outside the United Kingdom, all risk associated with the goods is transferred to the purchaser when the goods leave Technomed’s premises. You are responsible for insuring the goods whilst they are in transit.

You will have deemed to have accepted the goods unless written notice of rejection is received by Technomed within seven days of delivery. All goods must be inspected immediately upon delivery and when signing for a delivery.  Shortages or non-delivery of goods must be notified to Technomed within seven days of the due delivery date. Technomed shall not be liable for any damage or loss as a result of cancelled or late deliveries. It is a requirement that Technomed are informed of any non-deliveries within seven days of the date of the Technomed invoice.

You can return your purchase to us in its original condition within 30 days of the date you received the item, with any seals intact. All returned goods are subject to a 30% restocking charge.

In the case of individuals (i.e. not company purchases) you have the right to cancel within seven days of your contract with Technomed, or seven days of receipt of the goods (whichever is the longer). You must contact Technomed prior to return of goods so that we may advise you of the current returns procedure.

All product specifications presented within the catalogue or separately are only to be used as a guide and no assurance can be provided that the goods supplied will conform in complete detail to either the illustration or the description. Without prior notification, Technomed reserve the right to withdraw goods from sale, revise specifications or offer an alternative product.

Any information supplied by Technomed in electronic, printed or other form is subject to copyright. Without prior written consent from Technomed reproduction or redistribution of these materials is prohibited.

Technomed profess no specific knowledge of the appropriateness of any product for a particular task or purpose. All products are sold with the prior understanding that the buyer will have conclusively tested, through actual usage and determined whether the product is suitable for its particular purpose.

The sale of goods and services under these terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales

Value Added Tax (V.A.T.)

EU countries outside the UK

Customers within EU member countries will be treated as domestic customers. You will be charged V.A.T. at the current UK rate of 20%.  No V.A.T. applies, if you are inside the EU member countries but outside the UK and hold a V.A.T. number

Note: If you order ex-V.A.T. from within the EU you will have to provide us with your company name, address and EU V.A.T. ID

Countries outside the EU

In the case of direct exports, customers outside the EU member counties will not be charged VAT (subject to compliance with current HM Revenue & Customs regulations).